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Barinthus Technologies is a startup that offers a novel technology to generate substantial amounts of potable water with zero carbon-emission and zero pollution to island and coastal communities.

Our solution is unique on the market, addressing the three challenges that these communities often face:

lack of hinterland

lack of access to technology

lack of access to finance

Our solutions are scalable, enabling us to provide water to tens of thousands of people.

They do not require large upfront investment, and can be available in relatively short delivery/implementation times, calculated in months, not years.

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What we do


Water is essential to any form of life on Earth.  People need it in sufficient supply and quality.

Barinthus Technologies develops and implements drinking water solutions for remote maritime areas.

We make sure that our solutions are environmentally friendly, efficient, cost-effective, and suited to our customers’ specific requirements.


Our goal is to help create a world where renewable electricity is accessible and affordable for everyone.

Barinthus Technologies develops a new generation of energy systems.  Our innovative technology can significantly reduce cost in remote locations.

In addition, our systems are environmentally friendly whilst having minimal visual and noise impact.


Sustainable waste management is crucial for the improvement of  air and water quality  (and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions).  

Waste streams left after recycling and re-use can be managed by Barinthus Technologies in an efficient, cost-effective, and hazard-free manner.



Toon Vandamme

Chief Executive Officer



Capt. Patrick Steenacker

Chief Technology Officer



Joren De Wachter

Chief Operations Officer


Head Office

Rubensstraat 46

B-1030 Brussels


Luxembourg  Office

12, Route du Vin

L-6794  Grevenmacher

Luxembourg – Lëtzebuerg

Regional Office

Kempenstraat 63

B-3650 Dilsen-Stokkem


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